To some people, the word DONATE has a negative connotation.  It means to "give (money or goods) for a good cause".   There are undoubtedly many good causes out there and many people who donate.

The word GIFT is "something given willingly to someone without payment; a present."  What do you think of when you give someone a gift?  Perhaps how happy they will be when they receive the gift. 

Your donation is truly a GIFT.  A gift that will change someones life!

approved pilot latrine, july 2015.       

approved pilot latrine, july 2015. 


We continue to raise funds to provide a latrine for each of the 96 families in Quebrada de Agua, Guatemala!

The materials for the latrines are $222 each.   

What about funding for labor?  No need.  The men of the village will be doing the hard stuff.  We only need to raise the funds for supplies.

Who will this help?!  Over 600 people.  Imagine having privacy, dignity and improved hygiene?!  Priceless. 

How about a personal challenge - Our family is sponsoring a latrine for each bathroom in our house!  Would you do the same?

For more information, please watch video below.