Are your kids looking for something fun and meaningful to do?!  Why not host a lemonade stand for Shoes & Hope?!


  1. Pick a date to host your lemonade stand.  Let us know the date of your stand and we will send you a flyer and a Drink Lemonade for Guatemala button. 

  2. Ask your parents to tell their friends and family and to share on their Social Media.

  3. Gather supplies for your lemonade stand: 

  • Lemonade

  • Cups

  • Signs/Posters

  • Don’t forget the ice!

  • Container for donations*

*You can charge any amount that you would like for your cups of lemonade OR maybe you don’t specify an amount, just a “free-will” donation of any amount.

   3.   Personalize the stand to be anything you want it to be!  You can do a simple lemonade stand or host one at your family's garage sale!  At your lemonade stand, you can hand out our "Smartie" cards to promote shoe collection.**








  • Set up your stand.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be a fancy stand….even a small table will do.

  • Have fun and remember to tell thank your customers.  By buying lemonade from you, they are supporting a clean water project in Guatemala!

  • Have your parents send a check or money order to us.  Checks are payable to Shoes & Hope and are 100% tax deductible.